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Productivity Week Theme Paper 2018

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Industry 4.0, Leapfrog Opportunity for India


“उद्योग 4.0, भारत के लिए आगे बढ़ने का अवसर”


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Office Memorandum from DIPP on Productivity Week Celebration

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Productivity Message from Dr Vandana Kumar, Director General, National Productivity Council broadcasted on All India Radio FM Gold at 106.4 on 20 Feb’18 at 09:45PM

Message from Hon’ble Governor of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana

Message from Hon’ble Chief Minister of Assam Message from Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat
PWC'18 Message from Governor (AP & TS) (1) message from Chief Minister Assam message gujarat


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RD Delhi:

Press Release Post Function press release
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NPC organizes one day program on “INDUSTRY 4.0, LEAPFROG OPPORTUNITY FOR INDIA” on 16TH February 2018

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Summary Proceedings of Foundation Day Celebration’s

Productivity Day Summary Report_Page_1

National Productivity Week from 12th to 18th February, 2018 & 60th Foundation Day Celebration on 12th February, 2018 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Productivity Week 2018

Invitation to Foundation Day Celebration Feb 12, 2018 at Jacaranda Hall, India Habitat Centre



Dr. H.K. Suhas, Retd. DDG, NIC, DEITY

Industry 4.0 Technologies (IoT etc.)


Sh. Sudhanshu Mittal, Director-Industry4.0

NASSCOM-Center of Excellence for IoT

Initiatives of CoE for IoT at NASSCOM


Dr. V.R. Mishra, HoD-Mechanical Deptt.,

GL Bajaj College of Engineering

SAP initiatives on I 4.0 in academia


Past Productivity Week Themes

S.No. Themes Years
1 Quality for Growth 1996
2 Productivity for Competitive Advantage 1997
3 Green Productivity: Minimum Pollution, Higher Profits 1998
4 IT (Information Technology) for Productivity 1999
5 Quality Work = Quality Life 2000
6 Bring in 3es, Swing in Productivity (3es = electronics, energy, environment) 2001
7 Team Work: Together Everyone Achieves More 2002
8 Accelerate Innovation for Productivity, Development & Competition 2004
9 Innovate for the Competitive Edge 2005
10 Knowledge Management for Productivity 2006
11 Productivity for Global Competitiveness 2007
12 Productivity for Sustainable Development 2008
13 Prosperity Thru Productivity 2009
14 Productivity for Inclusion Growth 2010
15 Green Productivity for Sustainable energy and Environment 2011
16 Productivity and Innovation- Enablers for Emerging Economy 2012
17 Productivity & Innovation for Sustainable Development 2013
18 Lean Management for Productivity Enhancement 2014
19 Make in India – “Zero Defect, Zero Effect” 2015
20 Ease of doing Business for Higher Productivity & Sustainable Growth 2016
21 From Waste to Profits through Reduce, Recycle, Reuse 2017

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