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The formation of National Productivity Council is being celebrated every year all over the country by commemorating 12th February as Productivity Day and following seven days as Productivity Week (12th – 18th February). The purpose is to draw the attention of all concerned, towards the concept and encourage implementation of productivity tools and techniques with contemporary relevant themes. Propagating productivity, quality, competitiveness and efficiency consciousness through seminars, workshops, publications, celebrations of productivity and quality events, campaigns, motivational awards and other suitable methods.

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NPC has selected “Circular Economy for Productivity & Sustainability” as national theme on productivity to be observed during the National Productivity Week 2019 where as “Industry 4.0, Leapfrog Opportunity for India” was the theme for the year 2018, the following activities are organized by the stakeholders to propagate the productivity concept:

1. Special talks, discussions, meetings, workshops/round tables focusing on

problems being faced on the Productivity fronts.

2. Essay/Paintings/Slogan competitions relating to theme.

3. Special training programs relevant to Productivity.

4. Special drive/campaign on the Productivity concept.

To download Productivity Week 2019 Theme Paper, please click here.

National Productivity & Innovation Award (NPIA) Scheme

The objectives of the scheme is to identify and bring forward innovative enterprises in above sector who through its innovative actions has introduced breakthrough changes in products, services, processes, and new methods of production for augmenting enterprise level productivity and competitiveness and can become role models for others to emulate. The broad objective is to generate consciousness amongst MSME sectors towards productivity and innovation.

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