Our Service


Professional consultancy services are provided by NPC covering major sectors of Indian economy with emphasis on improvement of productivity, quality, profitability, and growth at entire organizational level. NPC is promoting and disseminating productivity skills through consultancy to the private and public corporate sectors, Central and State Governments, industry associations, their members, and other client groups.


NPC’s consultancy services are designed to help clients introduce new operational practices and business management approaches that sharpen efficiency, enhance corporate image and improve performance. NPC’s consultancy services rely on problem solving and total solutions; a participative and holistic approach; developmental attitude, with Identifying frontier areas in the field of productivity and quality, catalysing work on them suiting to the local needs and promoting new institutions where needed apart from providing inputs to policy making.


NPC’s ability to provide such consultancy owes much to gathered experience from various major projects in the consultancy sphere across various functional areas, deep insight into various industry sectors as well as our domain knowledge of issues that affect business processes.

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