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CETEE (Centre for Excellence in Training for Energy Efficiency) is the culmination of Indo-Japanese Governmental Co-operation and has been implemented with the assistance of Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Ministry of Power, Govt. of India, New Energy Development Organization (NEDO), Govt. of japan.

CETEE aims to achieve these objectives through its state of the art Hands-on Training facility to impart the advanced Energy Efficiency Technology and Techniques in the field of energy efficiency. CETEE is a state of art facil ity created with the purpose of bridging the gap between theory and practice and providing practical training in energy efficiency. CETEE is based on “learning by doing” pedagogy where trainees are exposed to “real-industry” projects.


Energy Audit and Efficiency Practical Training and Facilities

CETEE is equipped with the various Industrial Energy Utility equipment designed to demonstrate practically various aspects of energy efficiency opportunities and Energy conservation technique as applicable in industries. Participants themselves can operate the equipments and change the operating parameters to learn the impact of efficient operation, change to energy saving mode, conduct testing for performance evaluation of systems through:

• Pump Training Facility

• Compressor Training Facility

• Fan Training Facility

• Boiler Training Facility

• Steam Trap Training Facility

• Open Burner Training Facility and

• Combustion Furnace Training Facility




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